Event guide for Genshin Impact Warriors Spirit

Event guide for Genshin Impact Warriors Spirit ...

Warrior's Spirit is a Genshin Impact event that will run from February 9, 2023 to February 20, 2023. There is also an additional Inazuma fighting arena where you can showcase your sword-fighting skills. During the event, you can compete in six sword-fighting duels and win by perfecting your parry.

Genshin Impact's ability to unlock the Warrior's Spirit is a challenge.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for you to unlock the event:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above.
  • Complete Ritou Escape Plan from the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.
  • Optional: Complete Raiden Shogun's Story Quest, the Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II - Transient Dreams.

If you haven't completed the optional prerequisite, just click on the Quick Start button in the event menu to start. Otherwise, you'll automatically receive the Event Quest called Unexpected Battle. Complete it to unlock the Warrior's Spirit Swordfighting Arena south of Ritou.

How to Win Duels in the Genshin Impact event in the Warrior's Spirit event

After reaching the event Waypoint in Ritou, head to the Warrior's Spirit Swordfighting Arena and prepare for Duel. There are six challenges that will be resolved during the event period.

To see how your opponent's combat style differs from your Honed Technique, click on View Rules and follow the instructions carefully before starting.

Normal, Hard, and Pro are the three main difficulties that you may encounter in the game. All rewards from lower difficulty levels will be eligible for higher difficulty levels as well. Don't be afraid of the Pro mode, as it may be less enjoyable to play due to the faster-paced nature of the duel.

During the duel, you can only use the Traveler, who will replace Elemental Skill and Burst with event-specific techniques.

  • Elemental Skill: Parry
  • Elemental Burst: Honed Technique

Normal Attacks will only do little damage, so you must parry all of the opponent's strikes in order to obtain an impactful hit. Parry is similar to Beidou's Elemental Skill, which requires impeccable timing to execute.

First, you must familiarize each opponent's moves, which are usually limited to a few attack patterns. Wait for the opponent to enter their battle position. As soon as they strike, hold the Elemental Skill button to block, then release to complete a parry.

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