Hogwarts Legacy contains all spells, and when you unlock them, they'll be available to you

Hogwarts Legacy contains all spells, and when you unlock them, they'll be available to you ...

Players in Hogwarts Legacy are allowed to acquire and master different types of spells throughout their journey. Most of these spells are unlocked fairly early in the game, and players may also unlock additional spell slots by improving their Core Talent with Talent Points.

How to Get Every Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Revelio is the first skill players learn in the game during the main quest for The Path to Hogwarts. It highlights a wide array of useful and interactive targets throughout the world, including hidden objects, chests, puzzle items, enemies, and more.

Lumos is classified as a utility spell and allows players to light up darker sections of the map. It is also required to solve a few puzzles in the game. Players learn this spell at the start of the quest For The Path to Hogwarts.

Protego is classified as an Essential spell, and it is learned during the quest for The Path to Hogwarts.

Stupify is classified as an Essential spell. It stuns enemies, making them easy targets for follow-up spells. This spell can also remove weaker shield charms by holding down on the Protego button.

Levitates objects and enemies. It is extremely useful in solving puzzles and levitating enemies. Levioso is classified as a Force spell. This spell may be acquired by attending and completing the main quest in Defense Against the Dark Arts Class.

Accio is used to summon a variety of objects and enemies to close range. Several powerful and heavy objects require sustained forces to pull them close. Without additional button input, players will automatically cast Wingardium Leviosa to levitate and control an object. This spell can be acquired by attending and completing the main quest for the Charms Class.

During Professor Ronen's Assignment quest, Reparo is classified as a Utility spell. It allows players to quickly restore damaged items to their previous condition.

Petrificus Totalus is classified as an Essential Spell, and this spell is powerful enough to permanently bind enemies. To use this spell, simply sneak behind the enemy and press X or Circle for controllers and F on the keyboard.

When the first segment of the Ancient Magic Meter is full, players may unleash devastating Ancient Magic spells that do enormous damage to opponents. This spell is available by pressing RB/R2 on the controller and X on the keyboard.

This spell is extremely efficient while breaking through shield charms. Players may cast this spell with RB+LB or R1+L1 on the controller and Z on the keyboard.

Incendio is classified as a damage spell, meaning players must be close to the enemy when dealing with fire. Enemies hurt by fire attacks will continue to suffer damage for a short time.

Disillusionment is classified as a Utility spell, causing players to blend into their surroundings, making it difficult for enemies to see them. This spell's invisibility factor allows players to sneak past opponents easily. Petrificus Totalus is also a skill players will learn during the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest.

Expelliarmus is classified as a Damage spell. It disables wands and weapons from most opponents. It also causes damage to all opponents if they are not carrying weapons. This skill can be acquired by completion of Professor Hecat's Assignment 2.

Confringo is categorized as a Damage spell. It shoots a long-range bolt that does significant damage. Enemies who are struck with this fire attack will continue to suffer damage for a few seconds.

When cast within the Room of Requirement, Evanesco vanishes items and returns moonstones. Professor Weasley instructs players how to use this spell.

When cast within the Room of Requirement, the Conjuring Spell creates items that are made. This spell is categorized as a Transfiguration spell.

When cast in the Room of Requirement, you may alter the physical appearance and features of items. This is referred to as a Transfiguration spell. This spell can be obtained from Professor Weasley during the Room of Requirement quest.

Glacius is classified as a Control spell.

Depluso has a strong force that repels different types of objects and enemies, although players may aim toward each other to solve puzzles or for other purposes. Players will need a Focus Potion, an Edurus Potion, and a Focus Potion to complete this Assignment.

Decendo is classified as a Force spell and may be acquired by completion of Professor Onai's Assignment quest.

Wingardium Leviosa is a utility spell that moves and controls movable objects. Players may modify the distance and rotation of the object with additional input. This spell is automatically cast on objects brought close by Accio. Players may learn this spell by following Professor Garrick's Assignment 1 quest.

After completing Madam Kogawa's Assignment 2, Arresto Momentum is categorized as a Force spell.

Diffindo is a Damage spell that slashes objects and enemies from afar. Players may learn Diffindo by following Professor Sharp's Assignment 2 quest.

Flipendo is a Force spell that allows players to flip objects and enemies upwards and backward. It also allows players to learn this spell by following Professor Garrick's Assignment 2 quest.

During The Caretaker's Lunar Lament quest, Alohomora gives access to a wide variety of locked rooms and containers across the world. Players may cast it in front of locked doors to unlock them.

After an impact, a blast causes significant damage. Bombarda can damage large structures as well as nearby enemies.

Transformers and enemies can be transformed into alternate forms, whether they are puzzle solutions or harmless knickknacks. This spell can be learned after finishing Professor Weasley's Assignment quest.

In Hogwarts Legacy, we discuss all unforgivable curses and how to obtain them.

Crucio is an unforgivable curse that causes the enemy to suffer agonizing pain while lasting damage. This spell may be acquired in the Shadow of the Study side quest.

Another Unforgivable curse is Imperio. It forces enemies to fight as if they were teammates. While under a player's control, enemies suffer less damage than other opponents. It can be learned from Sebastian during the quest In The Shadows Of Time.

Sebastian Sallow's questline allows players to acquire Avada Kedavra, or the killing curse. This spell will be obtained during the side quest In the Shadow of the Relic. Keep an eye on the Owl Post as it is easy to miss Sebastian's letter for this quest.

Hogwarts Legacy has a total of 69 spells. We are still developing the game and discovering new ones. We'll update this list when we find them.

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