How to Get the DOORS Booth in PLS DONATE Roblox

How to Get the DOORS Booth in PLS DONATE Roblox ...

PLS DONATE, a popular, community-oriented and ecommerce-style experience, players are invited to create items (including clothing, gamepasses, etc.) and then offer them to other users in exchange for Robux. Players may also purchase various booths to sell their products from, including the one we'll discuss in this brief guide, which can help you attract more donations in turn!

In PLS DONATE, how do I unlock the DOORS booth?

The DOORS booth does not require you to leave the experience, unlike all the other booths in PLS DONATE. You'll need to earn the Pls Donate badge inside the DOORS experience by donating to Jeff's Shop in Room 52.

How to Get the Pls Donate badge in DOORS

Jeff's tip jar will be filled with 10 gold each time you donate; in order to have the jar overflow, you must add 100 gold to it on your journey to Room 52!

Once you've donated to the jar ten times, giving a total of 100 gold, you'll automatically receive the Pls Donate badge and the DOORS booth. That's all there is to it!

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