Douchebag Workout Cheat Codes

Douchebag Workout Cheat Codes ...

The Douchebag series is one of the most oldest and most popular flash games of the early browser games era. This fan following stems mainly from the enormous success of the Douchebag Workout game, one of the most oldest developments in the Douchebag universe.

As usual, the story revolves around a young male individual who must improve his morale by constructing a physique. After a while, the grinding process becomes tiring, often resorting to using cheat codes to get to the final stage. Still, many players believe that the following cheats are beneficial.

All Working Ultimate Douchebag Workout Cheat Codes

Cheat CodePerks and Abilities
DEPOSITRedeem this to get $200 cash in your wallet
SNOOKEDUnlocks the maximum haircut value
PAINTED Unlocks the maximum makeup value
SKINNYRedeem to unlock the maximum silhouette
DECOUnlocks the maximum deco
INCREASEAll your muscle gains will be 2x
PICSUnlocks all the painting pictures
INFLATED Unlocks the maximum botox value
COUNTRY Unlocks all the country songs
REDCARPETRedeem to unlock all the shoes and footwear accessories
FASHION Unlocks all the clothing accessories
HILTONRedeem this to get $20,000 cash in your wallet
PROMOTIONYou will get the best job in the game

Douchebag games: How to Play

Douchebag Games are still alive today due to their availability on several online flash sites, including gameflare and silvergames. A few of the most popular games are also available for Android devices via the Play Store, using their actual names or the publisher's name - Pyrozen.

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