How to Avoid Screech in DOORS Roblox

How to Avoid Screech in DOORS Roblox ...

It's important to understand how to survive the 20 unique entities that lurk inside horror/survival-style DOORS. One of these entities, Screech, can be a bit frightening and somewhat frustrating to escape, which is why we've created a brief guide that explains everything you need to know about this quiet killer.

How to Survive Screech

Screech may be present when you exit a numbered door and enter a pitch-black room. When you hear this sound, turn your camera as fast as you can and look directly at Screech. It will scream loudly and jump at you, but you will not be dealt any damage. If you fail to look at it in time, it will scream loudly and deal 40 damage.

Screech can be seen above you, below you, behind you, and even far away—make sure to look high and low as fast as you can to deter the predator. Having a light source, such as a flashlight or lighter, will decrease the likelihood of Screech attacking in a dark room, so check every drawer as you go through The Hotel, or from Jeff in Room 52.

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