When does Hogwarts Legacy unlock the Vivarium and Room of Requirement?

When does Hogwarts Legacy unlock the Vivarium and Room of Requirement? ...

You'll meet several new characters, learn new spells, and discover the hidden magic of the castle in Hogwarts Legacy. Here's how to unlock the Room of Requirement and the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Rid of Hogwarts Legacy by Modifying the Room of Requirement

When you complete the Room of Requirement quest, you unlock the room of requirement, and it is a component of the main storyline. You will meet Professor Weasley at the start of the quests, who will introduce you to different objects and environments. Shortly after, you'll be joined by Deek, who teaches you more about the Room of Requirement.

Professor Weasly teaches you the Conjuring Spell, Evanesco, and the Altering Spell. The Room of Requirement quest usually appears after you complete the Tomes and Tribulations quest, so keep an eye out in the quests tab.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you unlock the Vivarium?

Deek will send you the Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest, for which you will need to find a Puffskein, a Mooncalf, and a Jobberknoll. Keep all of the magical beasts you have rescued in the Room of Requirement, and pet them with the Beast Petting Brush.

Is it possible to include the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy?

No, you will not be able to expand a Vivarium. However, while progressing in the game, you will get to unlock additional Vivariums. For instance, we unlocked the second Vivarium with a coastal biome before starting the Plight of the House Elf quest.

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