Walkthrough and Solutions for Hogwarts Legacy The Helm of Urtkot (Collectors Cave)

Walkthrough and Solutions for Hogwarts Legacy The Helm of Urtkot (Collectors Cave) ...

The Helm of Urtkot is a challenging puzzle that is answered by Sirona's acquaintance Lodgok near The Collector's Cave in the outskirts of Hogsmeade. This mission begins once you complete the Alohomora quest where you unlock doors.

How to Complete the Hogwarts Legacy's Helm of Urtkot Quest

The Helm of Urtkot is a mission that requires you to recover a valuable goblin Helmet from Hogsmeade. He will take you to the Collector's Cave dungeon to execute the mission. They are crucial for solving the Moth Door puzzles you will find within the dungeon.

As you enter the room, you will see the first Moth Door puzzle. The door appears to have one moth missing from its slots. Look for the moth on a pedestal, and launch the Lumos spell to attract it.

On the other side of the door will be a small hall with two short corridors on each side. These corridors will contain a Chest and loot bags. Make sure to collect them before proceeding to the quest marker.

The second Moth Door puzzle will require you to uncover three moths. Two moths are easily identifiable by the main hall walls. To find the third moth, you need to break the cracked door by using Depulso spell. Once you find the moth inside, guide it toward the door using Lumos to unlock it.

After the second Moth Door puzzle, you will enter a large hall with pillars. Here, you will encounter a wave of Inferius. These monsters are vulnerable to fire damage. Therefore, we recommend equipping at least two fire-based spells like Incendio and Confringo if you want to make quick work of them.

The third Moth Door Puzzle is located near the main quest marker. Here, two moths are easily accessible, except one which is located in an elevated position. The trick here is to guide one moth by using Lumos to the mechanism in the middle of the room. Once the device is activated, use the Depulso spell to spin it. It will allow you to retrieve the moth from its high position.

Once you open the door, go through it and head left. A large object will hang above you, and it will fall down creating a huge hole in the floor. Continue to the last quest marker for the Moth Door puzzle.

Once you have climbed down the hole, you will enter another large hall with the final Moth Door puzzle. However, be wary of the Inferius, as you will need to defeat two waves of these monsters when you enter this hall.

In the lower areas of the hall, two moths will be found. Guide one of them to the rotating mechanism in the room. The other moth to the left side of the Moth Door. Stand on the rising platform, and hit the rotating mechanism with Depulso. Once you have reached the top, quickly reach the lower pedestal and cast Lumos to attract the moth to you.

On the upper level, you will find the two other moths you need. One moth can be found directly next to the entrance, and another on the other side of the rising platform. Guide all three of these moths to the door to unlock it.

Retaining the Helmet from Thieves

After solving the last Moth Door puzzle and entering the witch's tomb, you discover that the Ashwinders have looted the tomb and taken the Helmet Lodgok sent you for. After interacting with the body in this room, you can finally exit the dungeon.

Outside, you will meet Lodgok, who entrusts you with retrieving the Helmet from the Ashwinders. Once you reach the location marked on your map, a group of thieves will be attacked by a Troll. Loot the Chests inside the camps. Once you have found the Helmet, Ashwinder Assassins will show up. Follow the instructions to complete the mission.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I collect all chests from The Helm of Urtkot (Collectors Cave)?

The following is how you may find all of the chests in the Hogwarts Legacy quest.

The first Chest can be found in the room you enter after opening the first Moth Door. Use the small corridor on your left-hand side to find it. Make sure to go to the opposite side to collect a Bag of loot.

The second Chest is located in the room above the second Moth Door puzzle where your first encounter with the Inferius takes place. On the left side of the room is a raised platform you can climb up on where you can find the Chest. Remove them using Depulso to reveal a Bag of loot.

Turn right as you approach a ledge with a Chest on the other side. The trick here is to use the Accio spell to draw the stacks of skeletal remains to form a bridge between the two platforms.

The large object hanging above the room has three chests. One is found in the cabinets in the room, and two more are found beyond the cracked door. Start by using Depulso to open the cracked door, then use Accio to pull the wooden platform and climb up to the Chests.

Near the end of the Moth Door puzzle, you will see a path on the right side of the rising platform. Here, you will find one Chest outside, and another Chest inside a room at the end of the path.

The final Chest is discovered in the witch's tomb, situated on the right-hand side of the room.

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