Jackdaws Rest Quest Guide for Hogwarts Legacy

Jackdaws Rest Quest Guide for Hogwarts Legacy ...

To improve your character and unlock additional abilities, you'll need to complete the main story quests. This article will teach you how to complete the Rest and all its puzzles, as well as earning rewards along the way.

Jackdaw's Rest in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Finish It

To obtain the Jackdaw's Rest quest, you'll need to complete the Prisoner of Love quest. This takes you to a secret vault in the Forbidden Forest that you hope will contain the missing map pages. Unlocking the vault is a tricky task in itself.

The drawers will need to be removed in the proper order on both sides to unlock the vault. On each side, you'll need to remove one drawer from the top, middle, and bottom using your Accio spell. It should look like the picture above if you've done it correctly.

On the left:

  • Top Left
  • Middle Right
  • Bottom Right

On the right:

  • Top Right
  • Middle Left
  • Bottom Left

After you unlock the vault, you'll find a letter to Anne that she never received. Leave the cave to speak to Jackdaw, who will agree to meet you in the Forbidden Forest later to lead you to his remains.

Check your map to see the exact starting point of the quest. You may use the Floo Flame for the Forbidden Forest and follow the path all the way up to the entrance. Jackdaw will wait for you and begin leading you toward the entrance. However, he'll force you to continue alone, giving you the password to open it at the fountain.

You'll notice plenty of warning signs and spider danger signs as you go forward. Typically, this will lead you to loot chests.

Once inside, you can press X or Square to reveal the password. This will open the entrance, but also start a rampage of goblins to attack you. You'll have to defeat loyalists to continue inside.

The first rune puzzle will be displayed shortly after entering. These runes can be triggered with the basic spell and unlock a portion of the entrance. It's important to aim in by pressing LT on your controller and starting with the one closest to you.

You may continue forward until the gate opens. One to the right side will take you to a mini spider den where you'll have to kill off some spiders but also collect a chest. It's important to use Revelio as much as you can to reveal nearby chests.

As you continue through, you'll come to the first set of floating platforms. This one is optional for the quest, but leads to another chest. Go to the right side of the gap near the lit lantern, then use Accio to drag the middle platform over to your side. Once you've reached it, aim your Accio to the far platform on the other side to continue to retrieve the loot.

The second rune puzzle will be presented to you in the same way as the first. Only the third button is farther out and somewhat hidden; you can use Revelio to locate it easier, and then use your basic cast with RT to hit all of them again.

Continue through the gate and look out for further chests nearby. You will basically walk around a little loop until you reach the next set of floating platforms.

This set of floating platforms is more difficult to cross. There is a little detour you can make to get another chest. Start by aiming at the left fixed platform and casting Accio. This way you can quickly grab the chest. Return to the gap and cast Accio on the other side of the platform to continue forward.

From here, you will encounter a larger open space of the Rest, where you will have to battle several spiders, some of whom are particularly dangerous, and some of whom are far more powerful than the others. You'll notice a little radius pop up on the ground where they will jump out of.

The most difficult puzzle out of all is due to the amount of buttons scattered. However, you'll still need to hit all of the buttons with the basic spell as swiftly as possible. The best location is on the ground facing the lower undercover and aligned with the gate above. You can use Revelio or the image above to assist in finding all of the buttons.

Once you have the timing right, you can enter the gates and cross the long bridge leading to Jackshaw's Tomb. There are several monuments beneath the bridge that stand out.

Before going to the right and left side of the tomb on either side of the remains, you'll want to collect the chests and loot available. This is the best time to collect them because once you locate the missing map pages on Jackdaw's remains, you'll wake up the guards.

Six of these are the same as the ones you fought before with Professor Fig in Gringotts. Three more are more powerful versions that will only awaken once you destroy the rest. The key is to avoid most of their attacks, especially when you are asked with the red light, and use Expelliarmus to disarm them as much as possible.

Once the guards have been defeated, you may enter the Map Chamber through an archway that appears to lead to Rackham's portrait, which he will ask you to bring the entire map book back with you before continuing further along. All in all, this is a worthwhile quest for the main storylines, and you may earn some decent rewards.

  • Unlock Talents
  • 200 XP
  • Unlock Professor Sharp's Assignment 1

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