WoW Dragonflight: The Azure Vault Dungeon Guide

WoW Dragonflight: The Azure Vault Dungeon Guide ...

The Azure Vault is one of several new dragons introduced in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion. It expands on the main story, and players may expect to run it towards the end of their time in The Azure Span. There's plenty more loot to be had inside The Azure Vault.

The Location of the Azure Vault

The Azure Vault Dungeon is located in The Azure Span of the Dragon Isles. It is located in the southwestern corner of the map at 11.52 and 48.79.

Achievements in Azure Vault

Heroic: The Azure VaultDefeat Umbrelskul in The Azure Vault on Heroic difficulty or higher.10
Icy What You Did ThereDefeat Telash Greywing after using Icy Devastator 12 times on an Icy Crystal to create a Very Icy Crystal in The Azure Vault on Mythic Difficulty.10
Keystone Hero: The Azure VaultComplete The Azure Vault at Mythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Mythic: The Azure VaultDefeat Umbrelskul in The Azure Vault on Mythic or Mythic Keystone difficulty.10
Mythic: The Azure Vault Guild RunDefeat Umbrelskul in The Azure Vault on Mythic difficulty while in a guild group.10
The Azure VaultDefeat Umbrelskul in The Azure Vault.10
The Cracked CrystalDefeat Umbrelskul after smashing Shimmering Geodes with Dragon Strike and destroying nine Geode Chunks in The Azure Vault on Mythic difficulty.10
You Must Be Made of HideDefeat Umbrelskul without being hit by a polymorph trap or triggering a Shriek in The Azure Vault on Mythic difficulty.10

The Azure Vault is a storage vault.

Players are dispersed by growing Ley-Line Sprouts, which wreak havoc on those nearby. Each of the remaining Ley-Line Sprouts increases the damage of Leymor's next Consuming Stomp.

  • Consuming Stomp does increased damage for each Ley-Line Sprout that has not been destroyed.
  • Erupting Fissure strikes players in front of Leymore for significant damage.
  • Infused Strike inflicts high Arcane damage to Leymor's current target.

Azureblade engulfs the player with several arcane spells and illusions. She invokes Draconic Illusions to protect herself from Overwhelming Energy.

  • Arcane Cleave inflicts high damage to players in a cone in front of Azureblade.
  • Azureblade continues to inflict damage to all players with Overwhelming Energy until Draconic Illusions are destroyed.
  • Ancient Orb inflicts high damage to players in front of Azureblade.

Telash attacks players with powerful frost magic that leaves behind Frozen Ground. Telash charges up for Absolute Zero after reaching 100 energy.

  • Absolute Zero does heavy damage to all players, which can be reduced by Vault Rune.
  • Frost Bomb inflicts damage around players and creates Frozen Ground.
  • Icy Devastator will focus on one player inflicting moderate damage.

Umbrelskul continues to unleash Arcane Eruptions that result in cracking Vortexes that wander the area. At 75%, 50%, and 25% remaining health, Umbrelskul creates Detonating Crystals that begin to fracture.

  • Dragon Strike Inflicts heavy damage.
  • When summoned, Detonating Crystals begin to Fracture.

Loot from the Azure Vault

LeymorLey-Line Tracer2H Polearm346
LeymorSpaulders of Wild GrowthMail Shoulders346
LeymorInfused Elemental BandsCloth Wrist346
LeymorCinch of Forgotten DutyLeather Waist346
LeymorUnstable Arcane LoopFinger346
LeymorBurgeoning SeedTrinket346
AzurebladeHorizon Splitter1H Axe346
AzurebladeTz'onna, Fear-Striker1H Sword346
AzurebladeCloak of Lost DevotionBack346
AzurebladeTwenty-Two-League StridersPlate Feet346
AzurebladeTome of Unstable PowerTrinket346
Telash GreywingGolden-Winged Rod2H Staff346
Telash GreywingCustodian's Medallion of DelusionNeck346
Telash GreywingMirage BindingsLeather Wrist346
Telash GreywingAzureblade's Work GlovesCloth Hands346
Telash GreywingIllusion Breaker's WaistguardPlate Waist346
UmbrelskulTitan Training Matrix IIRecipe
UmbrelskulRefraction's Edge1H Sword346
UmbrelskulCrystalized BulwarkShield346
UmbrelskulHeadwrap of the AbandonedCloth Head346
UmbrelskulMantle of Yearned FreedomLeather Shoulder346
UmbrelskulCuirass of Irreparable MadnessPlate Chest346
UmbrelskulStasis-Freed LeggingsMail Legs346
UmbrelskulUnmbrelskul's Fractured HeartTrinket346

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