(2023) Who is the greatest character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

(2023) Who is the greatest character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? ...

The task of naming one character as the greatest in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with a roster of 60 characters is quite arduous. There are also players who end up using characters that aren't on the radar while still winning tournaments (e.g. MKLeo with Byleth). The answer then becomes, which character should you choose, regardless of skill level?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Top Character

When deciding on the number one best character in a game as massive as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, several factors must be taken into account. Some characters are quite adept at the pro level, but others may still perform well in a casual setting.

Take a look at a fighter like Joker. Yes, MKLeo was able to take this character and win several tournaments with Joker, but nobody has to be that good to win with Joker during the average Saturday Night. Once players master the art of holding their positions until Arsene is activated, they can demolish their opponents in a matter of seconds.

Roy is another good candidate for the top spot, since he has the ability to put an end to a stock in a hurry. Even Roy's Jab can lead to some nasty setups, whether that be into Up Air or even Forward Smash. In order to complete these setups, though, a basic amount of skill must be acquired.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate should be excellent at all skill levels, and that's why Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 take home the prize. Not every character may alter themselves depending on the matchup.

Some players choose to play Pyra and Mythra based on percentage. Mythra is usually used early on to make up damage for Pyra to finish off. Pyra will only do that once, so take that risk. That Pyra will click Up B and that will be the end of the stock.

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