Due to a poor update, Division 2 may be down for the count

Due to a poor update, Division 2 may be down for the count ...

Fans of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 have had a rocky week. The looter shooter had a run-in with Steam in mid-January, but new and experienced players have been confronted with issue after issue.

The second division is largely deficient.

Season 11 was scheduled to launch on February 7, 2023, but we encountered a minor glitch regarding localization. Rather than launching the update in a manner that would harm players around the world, Ubisoft decided to postpone the release of Season 11.

The news about Season 11 has been mixed this morning. Ubisoft has posted another tweet, this time stating that while working on an update to resolve the issue, it encountered an error that effectively killed its build generation system. This prohibits the developer from releasing any updates until the system has been rebuilt.

Players have encountered a slew of bugs, from issues with the DirectX 12 version to menuscrashing the game to raids being broken. It's a tough time for players and is affecting the experience for many first-timers.

The Division 2 has surpassed 10,909 players on Steam in the last month, with the latest count being 2899. That's a significant drop for a game that hasn't even been released for a month on the platform. Destiny 2, the reigning king of looter-shooters, had an all-time high of 292,314 players and 60,172 as of today morning.

The Division 2 was released on March 15, 2019, much like its predecessor had a sluggish launch. Back in November 2022, a roadmap was released, but it did little to affect the first half of 2023, aside from the aforementioned Season 11 and Year 5 plans coming sometime in the Spring, as well as another season and the Descent game mode.

The Division 2 is writing a book, while The Division was only out for three years before The Division 2 was released. Many are wondering if It's only a matter of time before The Division 2 goes into the sunset.

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