In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get Stench of the Dead?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get Stench of the Dead? ...

Sometimes you need something a little more... deadly. Stench of the Dead is an incredible resource in Hogwarts Legacy that can be used in combat potions to give you an edge over your opponent. Here's where you can find Stench of the Dead.

Where can I find Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy?

J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade will have you buy some eau de Dead, or you can go out into the wild in search of Inferni, which you can observe in the Brother's Keeper side quest.

When Inferni die, Stench of the Dead is dropped. We advise you to keep both Incendio and Confringo in your quick spell slots before trying to destroy these guys.

Stench of the Dead has quite a few uses other than potion making. The main purpose of the potion is to create a Storm around you that will stun all of your nearby enemies and cause damage.

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