Overwatch 2 Season 3 Map Pool

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Map Pool ...

In Season 3, Overwatch 2 will get a new map instead of a new character. Along with Antarctic Peninsula, some old maps are being recycled. On top of that, a couple popular maps are getting the time of day changed, which should revolutionize online play in Season 3.

Which Overwatch 2 maps are playable in Season 3?

  • Esperanca (Morning)
  • New Queen Street (Morning)
  • NEW Colosseo (Morning)
  • NEW Havana (Night)
  • NEW Circuit Royal (Morning)
  • Shambali Monastery (Night)
  • Rialto (Morning)
  • Dorado (Night)
  • NEW Antarctic Peninsula (Night)
  • Ligang Tower (Night)
  • Ilios (Morning)
  • Nepal (Evening)
  • Oasis (Evening)
  • King's Row (Evening)
  • Midtown (Morning
  • Blizzard World (Morning)
  • Paraiso (Morning
  • Numbani (Morning)

Because the map makeups are similar, Antarctic Peninsula is currently drawing a lot of attention to Oasis. One section of Antarctic Peninsula has a central overhang on one side that's almost identical to an structure in Oasis. However, Antarctic Peninsula is home to some large areas that make it attractive for characters like Pharah and Echo to roam around in.

This is a control map, meaning that teams fight for control over certain sections. For example, whichever team controls the overhang is usually in a good position to milk some clock down. Other skinny passageways make this a great map for tanks like Reinhardt and Sigma.

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