Wild Hearts are used by all weapons

Wild Hearts are used by all weapons ...

EA and Koei Tecmo have developed Wild Hearts, a monster-hunting game that has a beautiful aesthetic and deadly Kemono. You will need to use Karakuri and the various weapons at your disposal to defeat these monsters.

What Weapons Are There in Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts has at least eight weapons in its arsenal. These are the only weapons we know of, but there may be more we do not yet know, and additional weapons may be added post-launch.

Weapons for Wild Hearts are all available.

The Bladed Wagasa is unique because it is the only weapon that can parry Kemono attacks. It is light, therefore ideal for close-range combat and lightning-fast strikes. Landing attacks and parrying Kemono attacks strengthen the Bladed Wagasa's Remai gauge, allowing you to deal more damage.

The Bow is an excellent long-range weapon that is extremely maneuverable. Both firing modes have their advantages, both of which are different. You can use stamina to increase your shots and strengthen your Bow, allowing you to inflict greater damage.

The Cannon is a heavy-duty artillery weapon that can fire blasts from long range. It has many firing methods, but you must maintain your charge gauge. Continuous firing will increase the heat gauge, but you can reduce it by switching between the various firing modes.

The Claw Blade is a lightweight weapon that concentrates on swift strikes and positioning. One attack allows you to strike quickly while another allows you to quickly reposition and dodge attacks. Stitching a Kemono with the claw charges your claw gauge, while striking while the claw is attached increases the effectiveness of aerial attacks.

The Karakuri Katana is a short-range weapon that has excellent balance. It is great for forming attack chains and combos. When the weapon gauge is full, you enter an enhanced state and can deliver devastating strikes.

The Karakuri Staff is a unique and universal weapon that has five different forms. Alternate and master all five forms to unleash devastating attacks on Kemono. You will require skill and timing to master each transformation, but each transformation increases the Karakuri Staff's strength.

The Maul is a powerful and powerful weapon that can deal huge damage while slowing down your attacks. Once charged, you may alter your strikes with spinning strikes. Both Kemono and Karakuri are also affected by this weapon.

The Nodachi is a heavy-weight close-range weapon. Its slow strikes can do massive damage, but require timing and positioning. As you fill the gauge, you can create different Iai stances and attacks.

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