Crewmates: How to Get the Find Green! badge! Roblox

Crewmates: How to Get the Find Green! badge! Roblox ...

Crewmates, a non-Roblox puzzle/survival game, invites players to board a spaceship, complete various tasks, and evade a backstabbing killer—all on a normal day at work, right? Players may also earn badges while exploring the spaceship, including the secret one we'll discuss in this brief guide!

Crewmates: How to Earn the Find Green! badge

Before we get started, it's important to point out that you must have the Find Cyan! badge first. To earn this badge, simply speak to the small, cyan-colored Mini Crewmate that appears in the waiting lobby. You'll earn the Find Cyan! badge as soon as you do.

Wait until the round starts to occur. Depending on whether you're an imposter or a crewmate, do everything you can to avoid getting yourself ejected or killed, and wait till you respawn as a ghost.

The Green Mini Crewmate is a map that allows you to roam freely through walls and avoid other players. Go to the cafeteria to find it.

You'll be asked to locate Pink, the Green Mini Crewmate, and earn the Find Green! badge. That's all there is to it!

Crewmates!, Find Pink!, and Find Black!, all of which will have guides coming to PGG very shortly. Make sure to follow your tasks, wait for directions, and keep an eye on anyone who accomp...

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