With the Splatoon 3 battle pass, treat yourself to a dab emote

With the Splatoon 3 battle pass, treat yourself to a dab emote ...

Splatoon 3 has a bunch of neat tricks up its sleeve: a fresh battle lobby to splash around in, ancient statues in lockers, and now, dabbing.

The latest installment of Nintendo's whimsical shooter adds some new gameplay features that might be interested fans. The dab is part of the new emote feature, which allows you to choose a dance or character animation that your character will perform when you win.

My character slants their arms and tucks their face into the pit of their elbow in a cartoon character. The dab has long been a favorite of elementary-aged kids who want to prove their coolness, and now, you can do it in a Nintendo game.

The advent of the dab in the games' new battle pass-like system called the catalog prompted some online fans to speculate that you should learn how to unlock more items. (This is completely separate from your rank and overall level, which changes much slower over time.)

You must fuck EARN IT if you want to dabble in Splatoon 3. https://twitter.com/ZUrYYC7gbc

The Splatoon 3 catalog is currently in Drizzle Season 2022, which will run until November 30. Fans have just a few months to get theirs. The battle pass also provides many other bonuses to new and long-time Splatoon fans, as well as being a great starting point for newcomers to the game.