The Genshin Effects Dendro element improves the game for Keqing players

The Genshin Effects Dendro element improves the game for Keqing players ...

Keqing, one of the most popular 5-star characters in Genshin Impact, has finally found a place in the games meta thanks to the Dendro element. Her days as an overlooked Electro 5-star are done for the time being.

When Dendro is involved, many Electro characters other than Keqing can consistently provoke elemental reactions. She just stands out because she is many players' first 5-star character and she is always available on the standard banner. Plus, the number of Aggravate reactions she can induce with her Elemental Burst outweighs other low-budget options.

The usual Keqing experience in the days before Dendro was this: You could get her after losing a 50/50 on an event banner, or as a 5-star from the standard banner. She might even take you throughout the 12th floor of the Spiral Abyss, or the entire game if you used her correctly. However, Keqing became obsolete when you saved enough gems to buy another OP.

Keqing is the best Electro for any newcomer. Fast cooldown. Traversal. Fast attack. Can use Black Sword. Has invincibility. Kawaii, Genshin player John Veldad told Polygon. In terms of damage, she is average. In terms of versatility, she is top-tier.

Keqing was typically treated by the Genshin Impact community as a beginner DPS character to play until you could acquire another bad one. Players discussed her weaknesses in a Reddit thread that started with her being the worst 5-star DPS, including her tendency to knock back enemies, her undesirable constellations, and her element: Electro.

Lowe Toserero, another Genshin player, shared similar thoughts with Polygon about how it was like to play Keqing back in those days in Genshin Impacts.

When players used her for Overload and Electrocute comp, her lack of DPS was covered by the Dendro reaction, according to Toserero. I used Keqing around 1.2-1.3 but her Burst multiplier is quite low and her only high-output attack is the charged attack.

Keqing had a difficult time compared to more powerful characters like Raiden Shogun, who excels in several team comps due to her consistent Electro application, energy particle generation, and buffs. Keqing isnt meant to fill the same niche, though.

When Keqing pops her Burst, the Aggravate damage from combining Electro with Dendro kills at least half of the boss's remaining health, according to her teammates and the new Dendro responses.

Accept it: keqing is your main nowheads up, and 4 thundersoother is technically BiS, but i don't have it to showcase in this videoltnk

Keqing, Fischl, Kazuha/Sucrose makes Keqing viable and extremely strong due to Keqings attack speed. This patch fr, however, is not for Fischl, according to Braxophone, a Genshin Impact content creator.

Keqing isn't the only 5-star DPS who relies on Elemental Reactions, although many of them do. Diluc, and Klee are all excellent with Dendro now.

Keqing requires Dendro the same way Hu Tao requires Hydro, according to one Twitter user in a recent thread about Genshin Impacts meta. If Hydro... or even XQ didnt exist, Hu Tao would be an awful character. In this case, Keqings Xingqiu

It's hard to predict whether Keqing will stay in touch with the rumored 5-star Electro polearm user Cyno on the horizon. When asked about the longevity of her popularity, Keqing's chief Ralph Marbibi said she's unlikely to last long.

Dendro would be okay for those who understand her and want to try other comps, according to Marbibi, who has mained Keqing since Genshin Impact 1.0, but to be honest, a lot of people prefer to see larger numbers and I feel like a lot of people would still stick to things like Vaporize comps.