Crewmates: How to Get the Find Black! badge

Crewmates: How to Get the Find Black! badge ...

Crewmates, based on the popular non-Roblox puzzle/survival game Among Us, allows players to board a spaceship, complete various tasks, and die a backstabbing killer — perfect for a typical day at work, right? Players may also collect a handful of badges, including the hidden one we'll be discussing in this brief guide!

Crewmates!How to Earn the Find Black! badge

Before we go, it's important to mention that you must have the Find Cyan!, Find Green!, and Find Pink! badges first. You'll need to find the Cyan Mini Crewmate that's hidden in the cafeteria, then create the Pink Mini Crewmate in Electrical. Once you have these, you'll earn the three badges.

Once you have the badges in your possession, talk to the crewmates once more. Upon doing so, you'll be asked to find their brother, Black. To find him, you'll need to unlock a hidden entrance in the waiting lobby by entering a secret code.

The keypad used to input the code is located behind one of the crates in the waiting area. When you find it, enter the following numbers in the order they're listed: 89367.

A secret door will open when you click on it, revealing a hidden room.

Follow the "blood" trail that leads down a far hallway to find Black's Mini Crewmate. At the end of this hallway, Black's brother will be found, along with Black himself.

After talking to Black, you will earn the Find Black! badge. Congratulations, you have found the final secret badge and all of the Mini Crewmate siblings!

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