Wild Hearts of Karakuri all Karakuri

Wild Hearts of Karakuri all Karakuri ...

In Wild Hearts, hunters have a wide range of weapons, weapons, and abilities. One of the most essential tools in a hunter's arsenal are the Karakuri, ancient devices that sense cosmic energy.

How many Karakuri are in Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts has 16 Karakuri. These are ancient methods hunters use to hunt Kemono and explore the world. To succeed in defeating Kemono, you must master these skills.

Karakuri, All Wild Hearts

The Bulwark Karakuri serves as a massive barrier used to deter Kemono attacks. It can either put a charging Kemono at ease or give hunters a brief break in combat.

The Celestial Cannon Karakuri has additional firepower against Kemono. This device gathers celestial thread and fires it towards the target. It takes skill and patience to aim, but each blow is devastating.

The Celestial Cannon Karakuri has additional firepower against Kemono. This gadget gathers celestial thread and fires it at the target with skill and patience. Each blow is devastating.

Karakuri's most basic building block. It gives hunters extra ground and allows them to launch attacks from above.

Vine Karakuri, the Flying Star, launches a zipline to assist hunters in clearing large gaps. Once fired, all friendly hunters may use the zipline.

The Glider is a simple but essential tool in a hunter's kit. It allows the hunter to safely descend to the ground and remain in the air longer than Kemono.

The Hunting Tower Karakuri is a great resource for hunters to locate Kemono. It is also a great resource to discover artifacts, treasures, and other interesting creatures.

The Paddle Scoop is a fisherman's best friend. This self-propelled Karakuri will catch and store fish while you are out hunting.

The Pounder Karakuri is a massive hammer. Release it then send it into orbit to deliver a powerful strike. With this Karakuri, timing and placement are critical.

The Repeater Crossbow is a quick-fire weapon that shoots multiple bolts regularly. It can also wreak havoc on your normal output, as well as distract wild Kemono. It is particularly effective against flying Kemono.

The Roller Karakuri is a hunting device that allows you to go quickly, track prey, and flee Kemono quickly. It can also be used as a weapon by launching it at a Kemono, but make sure you get up early to do so.

The Spring Karakuri takes the hunter in a direction. It is easy and quick to construct and can assist hunters in avoiding attacks or flanking a Kemono.

The Star Bomb is a powerful Karakuri that can cause a fatal explosion, which can do severe damage to Kemono but can also affect your fellow hunters. It takes some time to ignite unless it is directly triggered.

The Torch Karakuri serves two purposes: illuminating dimly lit areas and allowing hunters to fire their rifles.

The Training Bear Karakuri offers hunters a safer way to train and prepare for battle against Kemono. It can fight on all four legs or stand up on two, providing different training methods.

The Wind Vortex Karakuri creates powerful upward winds, which may propel hunters into the air, allowing them to launch aerial attacks or to use the Glider Karakuri to reach new locations.

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