Ron Howard is hoping for a Solo Series

Ron Howard is hoping for a Solo Series ...

Ron Howard is hoping for a Disney+ Solo series. However, the unfortunate failure of the film does need to be taken into account. Solo didn't perform quite as well in the theater as many people imagined. The idea that it might be better served as a series is interesting for several reasons.

One is that it allows the narrative to go further. Han and Chewie did have several more adventures before taking on the passengers that would set them on a course to join the Rebellion. A series would allow this to happen naturally. If allowed, there would be plenty of time to tell several different tales that might eventually lead to Tatooine.

The big question is how much EU would be required to complete this story. Changing Solo's story does not seem like a great idea, although putting him through a few adventures that fans might remember does sound like it would work effectively.

A Qi’ra series sounds like a good idea.

Many people want to know what happened to Emilia Clarke's character since there has been no film since that moment. The fact that she left Han without any further explanation makes it clear that she had contingencies to take over when her boss fell out of favor. Not only that, but she may also be a way to reinvigorate Darth Maul in the spotlight for a longer time.

The decision on whether Clarke would return is still open to discussion. The large number of actors who have brought the Star Wars films and series to life have remained relatively busy over the years. Therefore, availability is always a concern. It's nice to maintain the continuity.

Exploring Black Sun a little deeper would be fantastic as well. Many fans love the Star Wars underworld, although it isn't entirely explored. The greatest part is that Han once was a part of the underworld as he and Chewie struggled to make a living.

Solo might do well on Disney+.

It's fair to assume that Solo would get a fair amount of attention, given that Star Wars has a whole section on Disney+. A series might last at least two or three seasons if things are stretched out, if not longer. Ron Howard believes there's a lot more to tell in this tale.

Howard isn't a producer on this project, so he can't guarantee what will happen. He was hired to assist with Solo, but had no other authority over it. If he were to return and work on the series, he'd like to try his hand at it.

A large number of enthusiasts continue to desire a Lando series.

Lando's popularity has remained constant for a long time. He's had adventures that many people don't know about.

Lando has played a role behind the scenes in Star Wars, and he has been part of the main group when he feels the need. As a younger character, he was reluctant to take part in any activities until paid.

Lando is capable of going on a few adventures that will broaden the Star Wars franchise. After all, he's adept at getting into the type of trouble that's interesting to the fans. On top of that, he's adept at getting into places unnoticed.

Solo 2 seems to be at least partially on the way.

There is nothing to suggest that a second film will be released anytime soon. It's hard to say whether or not this is a good thing. However, it has enthralled many people into thinking that they want more of this story.

If Ron Howard is approved, a series on Disney+ might be the answer. It's unknown whether or not the same cast members will return.