Vin Diesel is still teasing Riddick 4

Vin Diesel is still teasing Riddick 4 ...

Vin Diesel is still teasing Riddick 4, but will we see the bright-eyed Furyan on screen again? It's a big hope that's shared by many viewers. So far, the character has been featured in live-action and animation, and the result has been spectacular.

Riddick has had a number of great adventures, starting with Pitch Black, but his origin hasn't been fully revealed. From his backstory, it's clear that he's a Furyan resident. The Furyans are a specialized human species but are still very similar to earth-based animals. The key difference is that Furyans are much tougher.

Riddick's return is being teased in a fourth film. This is partly because the Necromongers slaughtered his people and left him for dead. This sort of trauma can have an effect on a person, especially if it occurs while they are still young.

Riddick 4 may bring Riddick and the Necromongers together once more. Maybe this time, it will be a showdown.

Riddick and the Necromongers should continue to clash once more, according to some observers.

The Necromongers left him dead after he was thrown off a cliff the first time he tangled with them. It's possible that the rubber match will decide who will pull off and who will emerge victorious.

The race for Furya should take place this time, although numbers hopefully will not mean much. Riddick might sound odd, but it would not be that big of a leap considering his origins and abilities.

Riddick would have an epic battle that would outperform anything that has been presented before. However, till Vin Diesel provides more information, it's difficult to predict what will happen.

The fourth Riddick film has a sense of closure.

Many viewers would wish to see Riddick continue to excel for a while, but with the adventures that Riddick has been on, it appears his story might come to an end in the next film. Much of his life has been spent in slams, fending for himself, and surviving in new and inventive ways.

Since he was born, this character has been battling the odds. It's fair to assume he's extremely intelligent, but most of it has come by necessity. Riddick's live-action adventures may be the slack on a very difficult road.

It seems like it should at least be a place to welcome Riddick home.

The last Riddick film felt like another version of Pitch Black.

The last movie, set in a desolate world where the rain brings monsters, was similar to the first. Pitch Black used an everlasting nightscape to enrage human beings. But a monster can be a monster, no matter where it is located or how it is brought forth. The big difference was how the monsters were revealed.

Riddick was a fun film, and there's no doubt about that. However, it felt like it was the first in a long line of Riddick's adventures, rather than something entirely different. Returning to Furya would offer unique challenges that would be far greater than retaliation. Plus, there's the question whether any other Furyans remain in the galaxy.

The Purifier kind of demonstrates that there may be others. It would take a major effort to restore enough to defeat the Necromongers. Of course, if even 100 or less could be brought back, that might be enough to defeat the Necromongers.

It's fun to think about who might feature in Riddick 4.

Pitch Black did not have a lack of talent, but Keith David is a great choice if one needs an outstanding character. Radha Mitchell was a good fit, as was Cole Hauser. However, Riddick brought in Dave Bautista and Katee Sackhoff, who upped the ante.

Vin Diesel knows a lot of remarkable individuals. It's reasonable to expect that he'll be able to draw in a truly impressive cast. That's what makes a fourth film more enjoyable.