Netflix has great expectations for Heart of Stone

Netflix has great expectations for Heart of Stone ...

Heart of Stone, a new film set to be released this August, is a movie that Netflix is putting a lot of expectations on. This film is a game, not unlike James Bond or Mission: Impossible. This is ambitious, to say the least.

Although the film does feel like Netflix is putting a lot of pressure on it, Gadot is still a world-renowned actor. She will portray Rachel Stone, the main character in this film, as well as Jamie Dornan and other actors. That line alone might irritate some people, but it suffices to attract the attention of many others.

The idea of establishing a character who has such a responsibility comes with drawbacks. One of the major issues many people have at this point is that it has been done. Setting up a single agent responsible for securing peace isn't new; too many films have promoted it as such.

If the first film is convincing enough, a franchise might form.

Many believe that Netflix isn't very open to many story ideas and isn't selective enough. This is a good thing since it's allowed many stories to reach the general public. The downside for Heart of Stone is that many fans still like movies that deal with espionage and government agencies.

The idea of a single person being able to save or doom the world is also an old one. It requires ongoing redesign in order to be effective, and employing well-known actors helps. As far as building a franchise goes, it feels like any film attempting to achieve this requires a little more effort.

Gadot has the star power to continue to excel at this task.

This film, which will feature actors like Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, appears to have enough potential to work with. Not only that, but each of them is proven in their abilities. It's reasonable to assume that they'll put on a fantastic performance.

It's fair to say that casting Gadot as the lead is a good move, but it's also fair to say that she'll have her work cut out. Gal has shown her followers that she's worth following over the years. Her time as Wonder Woman has increased her fan base in a big way, enough that many have followed her throughout her film career.

Despite the fact, this feels like a career that will define her once more.

The idea seems to be continually being reused.

More than once, anything involving government agencies and highly specialized agents has been seen. There is a common formula that is followed and an outcome that is predicted. Fans notice these things but will watch if the film is interesting enough.

The cast is another factor that must be mentioned over and over. If people like the actors and discover that, they'll watch. However, many movies that follow this approach are easy to follow. Others are predictable in ways that can distort an audience.

It makes a huge difference since it elevates the film in a significant way. The idea is still interesting, but without big-name actors, the chances of recognition are slim.

The key to securing the support of the supporters will be getting them to accept the idea.

Many enthusiasts like Gadot and Dornan and will take a look at the film for this reason, if not another. The film does sound interesting enough to merit a look. However, it will have to prove that it's worthwhile.

Such statements are just for a variety of reasons, one of which is that many of the same premises have been used so excessively. It's possible that things will come together, and Rachel Stone will join the ranks of other agents.