The enemy red dots in Modern Warfare 2 will not be revealed in the minimap

The enemy red dots in Modern Warfare 2 will not be revealed in the minimap ...

The Modern Warfare 2 minimap will not reveal the location of adversary players who fired their guns, much like Vanguard did before it.

The minimap is a must-have item for Call of Duty players looking to dominate lobbies. Not only does it contain valuable information regarding your teammates' locations, but in the past, it also revealed enemy locations with red dots.

In order to appear as a red dot on the minimap, enemies would have to fire their rifles. In Call of Duty games of the past, this would reveal the enemy's location. However, Modern Warfare 2 does not have this minimap feature.

The players will have no choice but to adjust to the new franchise norm, as back-to-back Call of Duty games have removed red dots from the minimap. The decision to remove red dots from the minimap is a conscious decision of the development team in charge.

Modern Warfare 2 MP does not have a red dot on the mini map.

With the release of Vanguard, Infinity Ward started the trend in Modern Warfare (2019). It's no surprise that they've maintained the same minimap formula that they deemed a success.

Sledgehammer Games, a Vanguard developer, admitted that they were influenced by Infinity Wards' Modern Warfare move, stating that they were also interested in the game's success, as well as keeping players focused on what is in front of them.

Modern Warfare 2 players may get the Birds Eye Perk, similar to Vanguards Radar, while not firing a weapon will reveal your location on an enemy's minimap.

When players fired an unsilenced weapon, this Perk made enemies appear on your minimap, which appeased those who were upset about the decision. Birds Eye is a fourth Perk slot also known as an ultimate Perk.

When the Vanguard minimap was revealed, a lot of discussion erupted among the Call of Duty community. Don't be surprised if this topic of discussion becomes a hot topic once the Modern Warfare 2 beta begins.

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