How to Finish Professor Sharps Assignment 2 Hogwarts Legacy Guide

How to Finish Professor Sharps Assignment 2 Hogwarts Legacy Guide ...

Professor Sharp's Assignments will allow us to try out many potions from Hogwarts Legacy. If it were real, then please continue your potion tasting.

Prof. Sharp's Assignment 2: How to Finish it

To begin Assignment 2, you will need to complete Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 in order to get started. Regardless, this assignment will be very similar to the previous one. This time, you will be tasked by Professor Sharp, our Potions Master, to test two new herbs.

Go ahead and visit J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade. Each potion will cost you 500 gold, while the recipe will cost you 1200 gold. The other option will make you more successful if you know the Diffindo spell.

Invisibility Potion1x Leaping Toadstool Caps1x Knotgross Sprig1x Troll Bogeys
Thunderbrew Potion1x Leech Juice1x Shrivelfig Fruit1x Stench of the Dead

How to Finish Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 - Hogwarts Legacy Guide

If you understand what I mean, Professor Sharp's method of potion brewing, which involves us drinking all of the available medications, is really unique.

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