In Modern Warfare 2, Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade, not a Perk

In Modern Warfare 2, Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade, not a Perk ...

At the beginning of Modern Warfare 2, Dead Silence will be included, but will be included once more as a Field Upgrade rather than a Perk.

The first look at the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile has arrived, allowing for plenty of CoD lovers to try them out.

One of the best things about Call of Duty is the ability to play it your own way. Whether you prefer to rush at enemies with reckless abandon or pick them off from distance with a Sniper Rifle, you may pick your playstyle.

Dead Silence has long been a handy accessory for those who like to sneak around and catch enemies unaware. In Modern Warfare 2, it's no longer a field upgrade but a reward.

Dead Silence will not be able to be used for the whole match, but rather will only be able to use it for a set time.

Dead Silence would remove all footstep sounds for 15 seconds, and the timer would be restarted if you discovered a kill while it was active. It also offered an 8% movement speed boost, allowing you to move around the map at high speed.

In Modern Warfare 2, it sounds almost identical, with the beta's description reading: Temporarily makes your footsteps quiet. Gun, melee, and throwing knife kill the refresh duration.

Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade that can be obtained at Level 30. Here's the #ModernWarfareII Field Upgrades in the beta.

Dead Silence has been a debate for many years in Call of Duty, especially when it comes to whether or not a Perk should be included in the game, while others think Modern Warfares footsteps are too loud that you need something to reduce the noise.

Infinity Ward have stuck to their guns and brought it back as a Field Upgrade again, and it's likely to be the same way in Warzone 2.

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