The Modern Warfare 2 rewards system is explained

The Modern Warfare 2 rewards system is explained ...

Players in Modern Warfare 2 had their first look at the new Perk system as part of the Call of Duty Next event. Here's a detailed explanation of what to expect from Perk Packages.

Since the inception of the franchise, rewards have been an integral part of Call of Duty multiplayer, and that will continue to be the case in Modern Warfare 2. While the new weapons will certainly attract a lot of attention, the importance of Perks is not to be understated.

The Call of Duty Next event has revealed a slew of information concerning Modern Warfare 2's Perk system. Players will have to deal with a new Perk Packages system, which theyll encounter for the first time in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Im giving you a short overview on the Modern Warfare 2 rewards system.

What are Perk Packages in Modern Warfare 2?

The Modern Warfare 2 Perk System is being compared to MW3s, and those familiar with the Call of Duty titles of the past will notice similarities.

Youll be able to create a Perk Package that contains four Perks when you create a class. Two of the four Perks are known as base Perks, while the third and fourth are known as bonus and ultimate Perks respectively.

Base Perks aren't required to be activated, but bonus and ultimate Perks will not be activated until later in a match.

In non-round-based modes, a Bonus Perk is earned four minutes into the match, while an Ultimate Perk is earned eight minutes into the match. Those timers may be sped up by earning scores through kills, assists, objective play, and more during a match; every 10 points saves a second.

The better you perform in a given match, the quicker your Perks will activate, increasing your arsenal of weapons.

In game in #MWII, there are a set of default perk packages, but you can also customize your own packages and use them in different loads

In your Loadout, you can edit your Perk Package or utilize one of several premade Default Perk Packages.

Like most Call of Duty games, rewards are still divided into numbered sections. When you create a Perk Package, youll have to select two rewards from slot one, one from slot two, and one from slot three.

Dead Silence will be a Field Upgrade and not a Perk in Modern Warfare 2.

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