How to Get All Endings in the Karaoke

How to Get All Endings in the Karaoke ...

The Karaoke, Chilla's Art's latest horror game, follows a teenage girl facing and surviving the actions of stalkers. This is what Chilla's Art does best: taking casual settings such as stores, bars, bathhouses, and radio stations and making them unsafe, untrustworthy settings.

How to Get All Endings

The Karaoke bar invaded by a truck, and you will naturally progress through the game. Only when the stalker is discovered does the game begin to unfold. You must make a split second decision to save our protagonists' lives before she is the next victim. What you choose to do here will affect what you get into The Karaoke.

You are given clues to what you may do to alter the outcome of the game with every turn you receive. Such objects that are shown to you are the car glove box, clock, knife, and a hidden camera.

The Janitorial Closet Key will be located on the floor of the business. Do not turn left down any of the adjacent corridors because you will not be able to equip the knife. The dialogue urges you to get behind the intruder because he is very intent on you. Wait until his back is turned and walk up behind him.

He does not react to your footsteps, so you do not have to stealthily crouch up to him. Simply walk up, making sure he does not see you, and hit the interact key to stab him. The experience was so terrifying that our protagonist is overcome with guilt. She tries to restart her life but nothing will ever feel like it did before that night.

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As you return to the beginning of the game, another outcome you can dictate can be achieved through your interaction choice. First thing you want to do inside the basketball court is interact with the clock. You will notice how late it is and tell your first Moeka. Instead of cleaning up and going to the karaoke bar, you decide to mop up and go with Moeka. After changing, turn around and open the locker opposite you.

Moeka tells you that she forgot her key while you were getting ready to leave. You can now give her the key, thereby reducing your stress. In this moment, the friends contemplate what might have occurred to them that night.

This time, you need to go to the changing areas after noticing the time once more. Look underneath the table in the back of the room, next to Moeka's locker. The coach will catch you but you do not tell him how you found the camera. This allows you to leave the school safely, rushing to the Police Station without your bike.

Due to the absence of proof that the Coach was illegally watching the girls inside the changing rooms, the conclusion demonstrates how nothing happened. You must, nonetheless, take action to protect Moeka from the consequences of her actions.

After picking up the hidden camera, tell the Coach that you found it. He will offer you a ride home in which you will not be able to refuse. Get your bike and place it at the back of the Coach's truck, you will recognize this from your first playthrough as the vehicle blocking the entrance to the Karaoke bar. Wait until the Coach appears, this will result in the following conclusion.

Find the hidden camera once more, telling the Coach about it, and putting your bike inside the truck. However, when you get inside the car, click on the glove compartment to open it. A folder can be found inside, of eliciting photos of other students. Our protagonist exits the truck and school grounds with physical evidence of both.

The Coach notices her again, realizing what she has obtained. A chase sequence begins once more. This time the Police will detain the Coach. With Moeka standing beside you, you see a scene of the Police detaining Coach.

The final outcome is achieved by surviving the four minutes as Coach searches for through the pitch black Karaoke bar. Instead of picking up the Janitorial Key, hide under the table inside Room 12. If you do not get to the room, the police will arrest Coach. Including what happened to Moeka.

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