Killstreaks will be brought back by Modern Warfare 2 over Scorestreaks

Killstreaks will be brought back by Modern Warfare 2 over Scorestreaks ...

Killstreaks has been replaced by Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Next, which has provided fans with a ton of information about Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Next has finally arrived, providing fans with a huge amount of information regarding Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. The event showcased a wealth of gameplay, giving fans their first look at the game prior to the multiplayer betas being released on September 16.

Fans also received important information on whether Modern Warfare 2 will follow the Killstreak or Scorestreak methods.

Scorestreaks tend to be used more in Treyarch-developed Call of Duty games, such as Black Ops Cold War, while Infinity Ward tends to stick with the old Killstreak system, which players tend to always invoke.

As with the gameplay reveal during the Call of Duty Next event, it's clear that Modern Warfare 2 will feature Killstreaks rather than Scorestreaks.

Killstreaks are designed more towards a player's individual performance, being paid for killing many enemies without dying rather than accomplishing objectives and gaining points.

The Killstreaks system is the original method of rewarding players for their performance by granting them additional abilities in-game that will help them win the match and dominate. UAVs, Counter UAVs, and the Juggernaught will all be obtained when going on a killstreak.

The Killstreak will have the amount of kills without dying required in order to unlock its use, so players know what they're aiming for. Choose carefully, as you wont want to miss out on a huge Killstreak because you forgot to put it on.

With the beta, players will be able to use some of Modern Warfare 2's Killstreaks, which is also expected to reward players with some pretty cool bonuses.

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