The Weapon Blueprint customization in Modern Warfare 2 has a major draw

The Weapon Blueprint customization in Modern Warfare 2 has a major draw ...

No matter what attachment they use, modern Warfare 2 players can now have the same Weapon Blueprint design. However, this highly requested system comes with a caveat.

At the Call of Duty Next event ahead of the beta, the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 was finally revealed, including weapons, maps, mechanics, and of course, Warzone 2. This reveal also revealed further information about the new Gunsmith 2.0.

Modern Warfare 2 has brought significant improvements to the Gunsmith and weapon progression, making leveling up guns much easier. Now, once certain attachments are unlocked, they may be equipped on any weapon, no matter what level.

Although, Infinity Ward have made a substantial improvement to the way Weapon Blueprints are presented. Now, starting with the Vault Editions FJX Cinder, the Blueprint will look the same regardless of attachments. However, this comes with a drawback.

Only the Vault weapons that will retain their appearance when you change attachments, not the standard Blueprints, according to Infinity Ward. Players should think of the Weapon Vault as the Ultimate Weapon Blueprint, as they'll be something completely different.

FJX Cinder Weapon Vault Weapons maintain their look throughout attachment changes. Weapon Vault Weapons are very rare, so there will not be many of them in the game. #ModernWarfare2 #Warzone2

Standard Blueprints will work the same as they have since Modern Warfare was released, except that only the Blueprints' default attachments will include the unique design, and changing out the attachments can completely transform the Blueprint's appearance.

If you want your Blueprints to retain their appearance when changing attachments, you'll need to look out for the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault in Modern Warfare 2s Store.

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