The Shop for Warzone 2 is explained: Upgraded Buy Stations allow you to purchase weapons

The Shop for Warzone 2 is explained: Upgraded Buy Stations allow you to purchase weapons ...

The original Warzone battle royale remained a staple, but Warzone 2 players will have to purchase their weapons from enhanced Buy Stations called The Shop instead.

As part of the gameplay showcase, Warzone lovers received a ton of new information from the Call of Duty Next event. Such features include the new Gulag, new circle mechanics, and the Al Mazrah map.

While all eyes were on the exciting new features designed to enhance the Warzone experience, players were unable to help but notice one major exception. It appears loadout drops will not be included in Warzone 2.

Instead, youll have to register for new and improved versions of Buy Stations called The Shop to secure your custom weapon designs. Youll be able to purchase and upgrade equipment and weapons at these locations, including the custom weapons you made beforehand.

Since the beginning of the Warzone games, loadout drops have been a part of the game's gameplay. Along with weapons, the feature would also allow players to earn equipment and bonuses by utilizing their own loadout drops.

At the launch of Warzone 2, rewards will NOT be available. Here's more information on the Shop.

In Warzone 2, players will only be able to purchase their custom weapons from The Shop.

Youll need to use The Shop to prepare for battle due to the removal of loadouts. Along with custom weapons, youll also find gear such as Gas Masks, Killstreaks, and Armor.

Players will be able to buy back their teammates after being removed, much like in previous Buy Stations.

The creators have stated that you will not be able to get Perks at The Store, which was another major component of a custom loadout in the original Warzone. However, youre more likely to find Tactical and Lethals as ground loot.

As a result of the free loadout drop, Warzone's strategy was crucial. This is all set to change in Warzone 2, since youll have less direct access to the weapons at your disposal.

For more information, check out this video on Modern Warfare 2's new Perk system, which includes Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade.