Reborn Codes in the Multiverse (February 2023)

Reborn Codes in the Multiverse (February 2023) ...

Multiverse Reborn is a sandbox game where you can play as some of the most famous gamers and other media. You can use Sonic to prove that everyone else is slow, or choose from a variety of other legends.

Multiverse Reborn is a well-known game with a large community of dedicated players, and there's a lot of excitement for the game's future. One of the greatest things the developers do is provide us with codes. Future codes may offer other interesting things as well.

Remember what Uncle Ben said, "With great codes comes great responsibility."

Reborn Codes in the Multiverse

  • New52FlashReborn—Redeem for DCEU Reverse Flash (New)
  • ITWASME—Redeem for Rebirth Flash (New)
  • Surprise! There are no expired codes…yet.

In Multiverse Reborn, how do I redeem codes?

For best results, follow the directions provided below.

What are the ways to get more Multiverse Reborn codes?

If you want more awesome codes, join the Roblox Group, the game's creators. You may also like their Youtube channel if you want to join their Multiverse Reborn Discord Server. The developers do a great job of communicating with their players.

Sometimes you'll discover that a code isn't working, and this may be for a number of reasons. Some common reasons are that the code is expired or that the code was entered incorrectly. In any case, the game will notify you of why the code failed. Make sure that you're using the correct letter case and entering any special characters.

In Multiverse Reborn, how do you use Goku?

As I mentioned before, Goku is my favorite of the available charcters. You may notice that there are no controls given to you in the game. That's because they're all located on the developer's Discord Server. Luckily, I've provided Goku's moveset for you.

  • F – Flight
  • Q – Kamehameha
  • X – Super Saiyan
  • C – Super Saiyan God
  • V – Super Saiyan Blue (Must be not moving for long transformation)
  • E – Charge
  • R – Ki-Blast
  • Z – Disable Aura

What is the Multiverse Reborn?

Multiverse Reborn is a sandbox fighting game where players choose an iconic character and can create their own narrative from there. They can play in the city, play in Cobra Kai style, or roleplay their character's life with friends and foes.

Please visit our game codes page for more awesome codes. We'll update you as soon as new codes are available, so please do check back regularly.