Event Guide for Sky: Children of the Light Days of Love

Event Guide for Sky: Children of the Light Days of Love ...

The end of Valentine's Day is upon us, and for Sky: Children of Light fans, a new event is on the way! The Days of Love are an anticipated event for sky kids throughout the world, and it lasts until the 26th PST (UTC -8), giving players plenty of reasons to be happy!

What Seasonal Events Can You Expect?

Players may also earn extra in-game currency, such as wax and hearts, during the two weeks that the event lasts longer. That means that if you send your friends one heart (which costs three candles in the game), then they will receive double that amount!

What can you find in this game?

The Auspicious Visitor Spirit from the previous event, Days of Fortune, will be present every day, giving you the chance to receive cosmetics for a limited period. In addition, you can find spells offering other previously sold Days of Love Items, such as the Days of Love Mask.

During this Event, what Cosmetics may you obtain?

The most anticipated part of any Sky season or event are the cosmetics that accompany it. Some of the items are returning from previous years, while others are entirely new. The Days of Love Flower Crown will be making its return, along with the Days of Love Flowery Archway, a great option for those who like to wear it during the summer season. It will cost 15 hearts while the whole archway will be 100 candles.

A few items that you may purchase with money will be offered at the event as well:

  • Days of Love Gondola Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 Season Candles)
  • Seesaw Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 Season Candles)
  • Swing Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 Season Candles)
  • Days of Love Classy Cravat: $4.99
  • Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter: $14.99

Is there anything else we may expect?

The Sky developers are hosting a challenge on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord pages! Take a selfie in the event space and you'll be entered into a draw for a Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter, and three Crane message spells!

The Days of Love are just around the corner – so get ready!

To send hearts and lights to your Sky pals, you first need to visit the home world. Then, go to the round stone, and click the icon that appears. After that, a constellation should appear showing off any friends you've made in the game. You should have the option to send them a light present by lighting their candle.

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