In Hogwarts Legacy, How to Make Money Easily

In Hogwarts Legacy, How to Make Money Easily ...

The Hogwarts Legacy game is based on the Harry Potter series which was created by controversial author J.K. Rowling and was developed by Avalanche Software. The gameplay for Hogwarts Legacy dates back to the 1800s, well before the Chosen One's birth in the Wizarding World lore!

Gold is required for a lot of the spellcrafts and items you need to complete certain tasks or quests in Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, it is vital that you have lots of money to unlock everything easily. Without Galleons, you will not be able to purchase everything you need for some quests, which will slow your progress as you try to farm money. In this article, we explain how to get rich in Hogwarts Legacy quickly!

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How to Get Rich in Hogwarts Legacy in the Quickest

In this article, we will discuss several of the best ways to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

You will naturally become afraid when you approach them and lock yourself. To avoid this and open them, you must be able to sneak up on them, gaining 500 Galleons per chest that you open.

Another way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy is to sell your gear to shop owners in Hogsmeade. Any type of gear can fetch anywhere from 60 to 200 Galleons per piece, but this depends on how rare the items you are selling are.

Have you ever wanted to be a breeder? Probably not, but in this game you can sell beasts to a shop in Hogsmeade! Beasts sell for a staggering 120 Galleons each.

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