After a motorcycle photo for a new show went viral, Charlie Hunnam sends a message to fans of the New Show

After a motorcycle photo for a new show went viral, Charlie Hunnam sends a message to fans of the Ne ...

Sons of Anarchy's lead actor Charlie Hunnam is finally making his comeback on the small screen after years of development. While the first glimpse of Hunnam astride a motorcycle is not exactly indicative of what we can expect from the actors' next performances.

Shantaram, based on Gregory David Roberts' 2003 novel, will star Hunnam as a fugitive in the 1980s who managed to escape prison in a location he was not familiar with. But the similarities begin to fade when the film is released.

I thought it was quite cheeky that Apple released the first photo of the show. I'm on a motorcycle in the program for about two minutes maximum over the course of 12 hours, so I hope people don't get too excited if this is some sort of Sons of Anarchy in India, because that's not what we're delivering. The show is so profoundly different, and the characters are so profoundly different.

This is implying that he would not see his character Lin Ford wear leather jackets in Bombay. Which might, in theory, be an uncomfortable look.

Lin meets a mysterious lady and is quickly wooed, making his quest for freedom especially more complex and dangerous. He eventually decides between his emotional desires and his desire to live life as a free man. I don't expect Shantaram to be anywhere near as traumatizing as Sons was.

Charlie Hunnam admitted that he did not deal with Jax's traumas himself, but he still needed a lot of time to complete the difficult role of playing the Sons of Anarchy characters once the program was completed. He explained why he took a long break from television acting:

I enjoy the long-form storytelling process, as well as the ability to play the same character for a long period of time, but I needed a break from the rigors of that routine when I finished Sons of Anarchy.

Even for shows that are completely free of arduous stunt work, emotionally charged scenes, and the like, Hunnam was willing to take on more temporary character headspaces after spending the better part of a decade wearing Jax's skin. Check out in his newest TV role in the below!

Even if Shantaram does have any hardcore links to the world of motorcycle clubs and brotherhood, Sons of Anarchy fans can certainly find that vibe in FXs Mayans M.C., which has carried on its predecessors' themes and tones quite grippingly. Yes, even when it comes to the tragic deaths.

Shantaram will launch on Friday, October 14, with three episodes coming at once, followed by weekly eps until its December 16 finale. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning programs will be coming soon.