Viola Davis Is A Bonafide Action Star In The Truly Epic Blockbuster Review Of The Woman King

Viola Davis Is A Bonafide Action Star In The Truly Epic Blockbuster Review Of The Woman King ...

Gina Prince-Bythewoods The Woman King, a film starring the incredible Viola Davis, is a great example of this type of cinema production.

Gina Prince-Bythewood, well-known for Love & Basketball and The Old Guard, is returning in The Woman King. Because despite its new setting, the film is definitely an action/war movie.

The Woman King is set back in the 1820s and follows the Dahomey Kingdom in Africa. Ghezo (John Boyega) is facing a conflict with another much larger kingdom called the Oyo Empire. General Nanisca is the protagonist, and the audience will get into this emotional and bloody world.

The Woman Kings Action Is Truly Brutal

The Woman Kings 135-minute runtime is devoted to war in the 1820s, and each of the cast members gets a chance to shine and slaughter their enemies with both grace and force. This includes Viola Davis, who has become a reputable action star in the process.

The Woman King's action is expertly choreographed, with Agojie in particular getting a wide range of fighting styles and weapons to contend with. Some use swords, while others use giant spears when dispatching enemies from the Oyo Empire. Lashanna Lynch, who plays Izogie, is both the primary comic relief of the film and the most brutal kill of the whole film.

The action sequences are crucial to boosting The Woman King's runtime. The first battle starts off very quickly, which helps set the scene and illustrate how deadly the Agojie are when working together. Only as the film progresses, do we meet each individual warrior and realize how much effort and preparation goes into becoming one of them. This includes fighting and not even being gazed at directly by those in the village?

The Woman King is an immersive, epic story

Gina Prince-Bythewood and her company create a more satisfying story that includes politics and conflict strategy as well as interpersonal dynamics. As such, there are a number of ways to be moved by the film's content. She chose to write it with Maria Bello.

The Woman Kings' production and design elements provide a lot of help to all of these narratives. Sets and cinematography transport us back to Africa in the 1820s, and a ton of credit deserves to go to production designer Akin McKenzie for his efforts to immerse the audience in the movie's world. Gersha Phillips is also a costume designer who outfits many tribes and their classes, as well as those who negotiated slavery.

The fact that The Woman King is so completely original is perhaps the film's strongest selling point. There has never been a film like this in theaters, and the care given to its details make each scene, battle, and expression a revelation.

Viola Davis Is Acting Royalty, As Always

The Woman King is impossible to discuss Viola Davis' incredible power of nature, and that was certainly the case as General Nanisca, who enters the film as a cold killing machine. Throughout the film, the audience learns more about her dark past.

Viola Davis was also required to perform a ton of extremely heavy physical work throughout The Woman King. This includes epic set pieces as well as one-on-one encounters with male antagonists. While she was left out of fights in films like The Suicide Squad, Davis is absolutely fantastic and proves herself to be an action hero in her own right.

Viola Davis is also a key behind-the-scenes contributor to The Woman King. She is one of the key producers, and her participation certainly helped get this ambitious project off the ground. The Woman King is fantastic and powerful. Lets hope that more innovative stories like this will be brought to cinemas, even if the film is short-lived.