Sherri Shepherd's Talk Show Has Just Arrived, But There's Still a BTS Drama With Wendy Williams' Former Staffers

Sherri Shepherd's Talk Show Has Just Arrived, But There's Still a BTS Drama With Wendy Williams' For ...

Sherri Shepherd, a former co-host of The View, was one of many people to step in last year to guest host when Wendy Williams became too ill to host her famous, eponymous daytime talker. Soon, though, there's a lot of drama behind the scenes with some of Williams' former employees.

What's Happening With Sherri Shepherds' Show and Wendy Williams' Former Staffers?

The Wendy Williams Show, which featured the often controversial daytime host, was canceled after it became clear that she would not be able to return for Season 13 of her program again. Sherri was placed in her place. That new series was released earlier this week, but there are others who are worried they'll be replaced, according to The Sun.

Sherri's staffers have been in her ear, claiming that there should be a loyalty test for holdovers from The Wendy Williams Show. Norman and Suzanne want to believe they'll stick around, but sooner or later I'm sure they'll be pushed out. There's no place for them right now.

In the above explanation, supervising producer Norman Baker and co-executive producer Suzanne Bass were simply referred to by their first names; it was because fans of their previous programs knew them well. For most of the time Williams was on the air, as long as Baker and Bass were present for a taping, both were seen on camera during episodes, with both often interfacing with the host either during the Hot Topics segment (Baker) or during the opening moments (Bass).

However, when Sherri became a model, neither producer was seen on the series, leaving fans missing them, and it has possibly resulted in those employees, especially, not feeling quite secure in their roles with the new show.

There were a lot of moving parts and a lot of confusion surrounding the creation of this program, which might result in a conflict between new staffers and those who left the previous series. Prior to her missing the final season, there had been increasing controversies about her on-camera behavior and rumors about how she acted behind the scenes. An executive behind the program admitted recently that theyd note that they watched daily, but also that Williams was so threatening to people.

Shepherd would want to be distinct from Williams, especially in terms of what viewers see on her program, but only time will tell if she will continue to employ those who worked on the series she has now replaced.