Summer Showdowns on Overwatch League have dropped viewership averages

Summer Showdowns on Overwatch League have dropped viewership averages ...

The Overwatch League appears to be struggling to keep up with average viewership statistics for its midseason tournaments as Overwatch 2 draws to a close.

According to Esports Charts, the Overwatch Leagues Summer Showdown this past week had a declining year-over-year average and peak viewership compared to the same event in 2021.

This year, Overwatch League viewership numbers have not been great, and the league's popularity continues to decline

On official OWL broadcasts, the event topped out at 51,988 viewers, compared to the same time last year when the 2021 Summer Showdown attracted an average of around 48,100 viewers, peaking at 70,082. Year over year, the average viewership for the Summer Showdown is down 40.5 percent.

As Esports Charts reported earlier today, the OWL had four tournaments outside of the regular season schedule this year.

Other events with a lower attendance than their predecessors showed a surprisingly low number of viewers in the Summer Showdown. In May and June, the Kickoff Clash had an average attendance of around 50,200 people, compared to 69,100 for the May Melee tournament last year.

The Midseason Madness averaged 37,800 viewers, compared to 52,100 viewers for the previous year's June Joust.

According to Esports Charts, the 2022 Summer Showdown had the second-highest airtime in the previous two years, with 147 hours. That's 52 hours more than the 2021 Summer Showdowns' 95 hours of airtime.