Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has all new equipment

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has all new equipment ...

The latest Call of Duty series will be released on October 28, launching a new era of Call of Duty that includes both Warzone 2.0 and Warzone Mobile. MW2's iconic multiplayer will come with a number of new features, including some new equipment.

When Modern Warfare 2 launches, there are a few new items of equipment that may be utilized as field upgrades, tactical gear, and deadly gear.

Tactical Camera (Field Upgrade)

Throw this at a surface and a small camera and tripod unfolds, monitoring the area. Should an adversary approach, the camera emits a warning sound. This is an impressive surveillance system that spots and marks enemies.

Shock Stick (Tactical Equipment)

The Shock Stick, a tactical item that has many uses depending on the environment, adheres to surfaces before sending out a burst of electricity that harms opponents, destroys equipment, and sends cars haywire. It works in the water as well.

Drill Charge (Lethal Equipment)

The Drill Charge is attached to a structure, wall, or structure. It will begin to poke a hole (any foes close by will hear it and see a grenade indicator), and once the drill is finished, it launches a grenade that inflicts splash damage that flushes out foes (or smashes into vehicles if placed on one).

DDoS (Field Upgrade)

A DDoS attack lets you know if there is equipment or vehicles in your visual vicinity, deactivates them temporarily, and disrupts enemy sensors in the immediate area.

Inflatable Decoy (Field Upgrade)

A synthetic polymer dummy that rapidly inflates when thrown, appears to be an enemy combatant, and acts as a proximity mine when activated again. It may also be used to persuade foes to believe there is an enemy where the Decoy was dropped.

Many of these equipment elements are compatible with both MW2 multiplayer and Warzone 2.0.