How to Pre-Register and Earn All Rewards in Warzone Mobile

How to Pre-Register and Earn All Rewards in Warzone Mobile ...

Call of Duty Next's future is a bright one, particularly after the huge livestream on Sept. 15, which highlighted multiplayer gameplay for Modern Warfare 2, a look at the next generation of Warzone known as Warzone 2.0, and introduced the world to the mobile version of Warzone.

CoD: Warzone Mobile is only a battle royale title, unlike the already present CoD: Mobile game, which includes both multiplayer gameplay and a battle royale mode, although this is quite different from the Warzone experience.

Warzone Mobile brings back the iconic Verdansk map and offers authentic Call of Duty gameplay. Players can use finishers, contracts, buy stations, and other traditional Warzone features, including the Gulag and killstreaks.

If you like the information about Warzone Mobile, you are in luck since you may pre-register now on either an Android or iOS device, and you can earn exclusive rewards by doing so.

How to pre-register for CoD: Warzone Mobile

Players may register for Warzone Mobile by going to the Warzone Mobile website on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Pre-registration for iOS devices is not yet available.

How to Get All Pre-Registration Rewards for CoD: Warzone Mobile

Any and all pre-registration bonuses will be available upon the official launch of the game, which is scheduled for 2023.

According to leaks, all pre-registered players will earn the M4 Archfiend and X12 Prince of Hell weapon blueprints if and when the 15 million mark is passed.

If 25 million player pre-registrations are successful, a secret mystery reward will be unlocked.