Is Kiriko an Overwatch 2 support hero?

Is Kiriko an Overwatch 2 support hero? ...

Kiriko, the last new Overwatch 2 launch hero, was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. Her kunai blades, which act as her primary damage mechanism, deal increased critical damage when she strikes a headshot.

Kiriko's reveal included a thorough investigation into Overwatch 2's battle pass system and a peek into how the season-based progression will work. The game will take inspiration from other free-to-play titles, while rewarding players for purchasing the premium tier.

So, is Kiriko a support hero or does she belong to a different category?

Kiriko An all-new support hero and her Fox Spirit companion rush into the action on October 4.

Kirikos hero category

In a tweet accompanying Kirikos' introduction video, Blizzard revealed that the character is indeed a support hero. Like many supports, her abilities focus on healing and buffing her allies in battle, though she appears to have a little more utility than the average support hero.

Kiriko only has one healing ability, Healing Ofuda, which involves throwing out talismans that follow and heal the ones she targets. Most of her other abilities include buffs or other utility that assist her teammates in battle. Protection Suzu provides a brief burst of invulnerability that protects against immediate-damage abilities like Junkrats R.I.P. Tire and acts as a cleanse that removes most buffs.

Swift Step is a movement ability that teleports her to an ally's side, even if that ally is on the other side of a wall. Her passive ability, Wall Climb, allows her to climb them, similar to Hanzo and Genjis' passive abilities. Kitsune Rush sees her companion fox spirit running straight ahead of her, gaining speed and attack speed, and decreasing cooldowns.

When Overwatch 2s PvP becomes available on October 4, her kit seems to combine Zenyatta's precision aim with Lucio's utility.