Where Can I Find The Hogwarts Legacy Figs Book?

Where Can I Find The Hogwarts Legacy Figs Book? ...

Professor Fig may be one of the Hogwarts Legacy lecturers, and assisting him is one of the ways you may be able to help him. Sadly, while you were supposed to go to the Restricted Section, you were rudely interrupted. So now, because we have no patience, you may find a way into the library yourself. Use this guide to help you find Professor Fig's Book in Hogwarts Legacy.

Find Fig's Book in Hogwarts Legacy

In the quest Find the Secret in the Restricted Section in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first obtain the defensive spell Incendio by completing Professor Hecat's Assignment 1; we already have a guide on that, so all you need to do is follow this link.

After completing Professor Hecat's assignment, make your way to Professor Fig's classroom in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. After this, you must find Sebastian Sallow. Sebastian will assist you in sneaking into the library's Restricted Section; however, this will be during the nighttime.

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Sebastian will teach you how to use a Disillusionment Charm before you enter the Restricted Section of the library.

Once you have obtained the Key, you may unlock the Restricted Section. After this, you may proceed to the lower level of the Restricted Section and cast basic spells to deceive ghosts; you can do this by destroying statues. At the basement level, you will be blocked by old armor; use a Reparo spell to remove the damage.

After that, descend the spiral staircase, where you will discover traces of ancient magic. When you enter the portal, you will be directed to The Athenaeum; here, you must wake up the rune on the archway by casting a basic spell. After this, Professor Fig's book can be found in the last room in the Restricted Room.

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