Wild Hearts: All Confirmed Traps and Gadgets

Wild Hearts: All Confirmed Traps and Gadgets ...

Wild Hearts, a new monster-hunting game from EA and KOEI TECHMO, is ripe for testing your metal. And with its release on February 16, players have a new reason to be hyped!

The game is armed with hunting gear called Karakuri, which is used by players to defeat the epic monsters that they'll have to face. There have been several confirmed Kakakuri so that players can get a better idea of what they'll be getting into at launch!

Wild Hearts Confirmed Traps and Gadgets

At launch, there were a total of five Kakakuri confirmed. All of them are standard Kakakuri, which opens the door to many more enhanced ones in the future!

A crate is the foundation of any Kakakuri, it's just the starting point for hunters who are launching themselves into the air for aerial assaults.

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The Spring is a better version of the Crate, as it launches players in the air much faster and higher. This makes it ideal for avoiding a threat or even escaping it and attacking.

The Torch is a wonderful in-game accessory that can be used as a flashlight in dark areas, but it can also increase your weapon's damage if you heat it up close.

If you need a quick downhill descent or want to land on your prey, the Glider is the ideal solution. It may be combined with various Crates or the wind vortex.

The Celestial Anchor, a unique Kakakuri, can be useful in combat to slingshot you or other hunters around your target. It may also be fun to play with outside of combat.

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