Next week in Destiny 2, Kings Fall will have a Master mode, challenges, and Adept weapons

Next week in Destiny 2, Kings Fall will have a Master mode, challenges, and Adept weapons ...

The latest Destiny 2 raid will get its Hard Mode treatment less than a month after its release, according to Bungie in a blog post today. The Destiny 2 version of the raid was released on August 26, just days after Season of Plunder.

On Tuesday, September 20, a new series of activities in Kings Fall will launch alongside the weekly reset. Players will expect to see various improvements similar to the Master versions of both Vault of Glass and Vow of the Disciple, such as a higher Power level cap, Adept weapons (called Harrowed based on data from and raid challenges, which reward double loot in the normal version.

All encounters in the Master version of Kings Fall will be set at 1600 Power, the same level as for Master content such as Nightfalls and Ketchcrash. However, the Master version of Kings Fall will not have a contest mode; players may level closer to the 20-power gap from day one (and even gain some levels ahead of their opponents).

Kings Fall will also get new encounter-based challenges across all difficulties, while tackling them on the Master version will reward players with an Adept weapon. These challenges will be updated weekly and follow the encounter order within Kings Fall.

The game isn't sure if Bungie will follow the Adept system in Vault of Glass, which awards a specific weapon from each challenge and they always roll with the Curated roll, or if they will follow the same strategy used in Vow of the Disciple, giving players a random Adept weapon at the completion of each challenge, and apparently with a lockout mechanism that avoided giving players duplicates.

Final encounters in the Master Kings Fall raid will reward players with high-stat armor with a weekly focus, similar to the system in Vault of Glass and Vow of the Disciple. For example, Master Kings Fall might give players an armor with a high Recovery roll one week and a high Discipline roll the week after that.

In the Master version of Kings Fall, players will face a challenge, especially with additional Champions (outside of the lone Unstoppables in Totems in the normal take on the raid) and likely Match Game and other modifiers. If you're running Master Kings Fall, having a flexible loadout and adapting to shields and Champions might be critical.