When Does Encanto Come to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

When Does Encanto Come to Disney Dreamlight Valley? ...

There's no doubt about it, as Gameloft has been adding new locations and characters to the game. From classic characters we've grown up with to new ones we've grown to love, the Valley is about to become a whole lot larger as iconic people and places from Encanto make their way to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When Will Encanto Visit Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The next Gameloft update will be released on February 16th, marking the beginning of what Disney Dreamlight Valley refers to as the "Festival of Friendship." Players may also go into the Frosted Heights biome for some new fun, and the 100th anniversary of Disney will sweep the new Star Path.

Mirabel is set to open up Encanto's entrance, bringing the legendary Casa Madrigal to Dreamlight Valley! Mirabel is set to intrigue players with some unique quests for them to engage with, as well as a new Friendship to build up in exchange for some great Encanto-themed rewards.

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It's only a matter of time before more of our favorite faces move to Dreamlight Valley, as Encanto has been a major success for Disney. Also, Dreamlight Valley is very similar to Encanto's own Colombian-inspired city, so you'll only see one of them!

All Disney Dreamlight Valley players will receive this update and the inclusion of everything above for free! Make sure to mark February 16 on your calendars in order to be able to jump right into the action from the start!

So, you now know when Encanto will be returning to Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as some other great things to be excited about! If you liked this article, please check out more, such as "How to Find Green Rising Penstemon in Disney Dreamlight Valley."