Fracturing Orb in the Path of Exile (PoE) Explained

Fracturing Orb in the Path of Exile (PoE) Explained ...

If you've played Path of Exile extensively, you've realized that there's always something new going on in this game. It's a title that has undergone many changes, large and small, but it appears to be the most recent to enter the fray.

The Fracturing Orb is a very powerful object that has recently entered the game, bringing new life to a lot of things that previously dominated the game. Let's go over what that Fracturing Orb is capable of.

Fracturing Orb in the Path of Exile (PoE) Explained

The Fracturing Orb is a new currency item that's been implemented into Path of Exile. It has singlehandedly replaced the Harvest Crafts for fractured items, making it much easier to get the darn things.

Because they're not available in stores, you'll need to get them from Harbinger or Harbinger-related items. Though they may be crafted with 20x Fracturing Shards, 1x Forboding Incubator, or 1x Forboding Delirium Orb, making Harbinger farming a lucrative endeavor.

Fracturing Orbs will not work on Fractured, Influenced, or Synthesized items, nor will they reroll modifiers already applied on an item. The cool thing is that they are compatible with Eldrich implicit modifiers.

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Here's more information on the Fracturing Orb.

  • Description: “Fracture a random modifier on a rare item with at least 4 modifiers, locking it in place.”
  • Use – Used to fracture a rare item with at least 4 modifiers
  • Drop Restricted (Lvl 1) – Drops from Harbinger or Harbinger-related rewards
  • Stack Size: 20
  • Vendor Offer: 1x Scroll Fragment

The only thing you need to do to get one is to right-click the Fracturing Orb and then left-click the rare item that you want to apply it to! It's sure to please most gamers, especially with it giving Harvest Crafts the boot!

The Fracturing Orb in Path of Exile is a fairly new concept, and you should be able to appreciate some of its advantages. Try your hand at one of our other great guides, such as "How to Use the Vengeance Skill in Path of Exile (Poe)". Be sure to follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook to receive all of the latest information!