In a matter of hours, Fanbyte has fired several employees

In a matter of hours, Fanbyte has fired several employees ...

Working in gaming media can be a hazardous occupation when it comes to job longevity, according to several gaming media companies. G4TV and Future have recently laid off many of their core employees. And now, Fanbyte, another website dedicated to video game news and guides, has restructured its workforce.

Tencent, a Chinese video game company, has fired several of its most prominent employees today. According to Kotaku, many of the employees were working alongside some of those who were laid off an hour before they received messages saying they were fired.

When the sites' head of media announced that he no longer worked with Fanbyte, the first notification to Fanbyte employees appeared to have happened around 11:45am CT. Around the same time, the sites' former editor-in-chief Danielle Riendeau said that shed was also let go.

Hello friends, this is my first time to say that I've had the pleasure and pleasure of being the editor in chief of Fanbyte. I think we accomplished some fantastic things there! I am currently looking for a job.

Many Fanbytes employees have been fired, with various feature writers and other members of Fanbytes staff venting their frustrations on Twitter. These layoffs appear to have come without any indication, so many of them arent aware if they will be the next to go.

It was almost immediately deleted, but hats off to those who committed this crime. Fanbyte lived, bitch. They lived.

Tencent has recently invested heavily in a number of different video game companies, causing one to wonder what this kind of management implies for the games it oversees. The truth is that many Fanbytes employees will go to bed tonight without a salary, while the Tencent executives will not even sweat this decision. It's a terrible day for games media as a whole.