The Big Core Keeper update brings a visual makeover with a hint of Zelda

The Big Core Keeper update brings a visual makeover with a hint of Zelda ...

Core Keeper, a Steam survival game, has improved its visuals, a new set of abilities, improved customization, and a few nice nods to Zelda, especially the Ocarina of Time, thanks to a fresh Core Keeper update, which also includes some sweet seasonal content just in time for Valentine's Day.

The 'Quality of Love' update for Core Keeper starts by significantly improving the sandbox game, allowing for enhanced shadows and lighting. Underground areas have received special attention, with improved shadow diffusion and new, light-emissive surfaces.

The soft neons and glowing oranges that define the game's visuals now flow more believably around the screen, casting deeper, more varied shadows. Developer Pugstorm has also developed a new rendering pipeline to make Core Keeper appear better than ever before.

Core Keeper's character customization can now be enhanced via the 'Magic Mirror,' which provides new hairstyles and clothing colors as well as the ability to use multiple equipment presets as you wish.

Core Keeper is also going Zelda with the introduction of playable instruments, including a cello, a harp, and the most-famous Link stalwart, an ocarina. You can also collect sheet music from around the game and combine it with your own homemade music makers to keep things fresh and melodic in between quests.

However, this is the final Quality of Love update, so it would not be complete without some seasonal Valentine's Day content. From February 8 to February 28, you can collect love letters around Core Keeper and create Valentine's-themed wearables using a new crafting table.

The Cupid Bow is a new technique that allows you to defeat enemies with the overwhelming power of love — ping them with an arrow, and they will stop attacking you. There are also Valentine's-themed decorations, such as candles and a heart-shaped rug, as well as a unique ring you can gift to your favorite spelunking buddy.

Make sure you know how to use the Core Keeper drill, whether you're returning to Core Keeper or getting started for the first time. We've also provided all you need to know about Core Keeper scarlet ore and Core Keeper tin ore, so that you can keep your crafting and crafting running smoothly.