What is the origins of Overwatch 2's new Esperanca map?

What is the origins of Overwatch 2's new Esperanca map? ...

Overwatch 2's new heroes have dominated the spotlight most of the time in the months leading up to the PvP release, but the games' new maps are also worthy of mention. Joining old favorites like Oasis and beta introductions like Colosseo, Overwatch 2's vibrant new environments are equally as inviting and enjoyable to view.

Overwatch 2 now has a number of new maps for its brand-new Push mode. Maps for the mode, which sees both teams escorting a robot to the opposing teams' spawn room, required a completely different design philosophy than maps for previous modes like Assault and Control. One of these new push maps is Esperanca, a sun-drenched coastal city where every hero will need to keep their wits about them.

Here's all we know about Esperanca, including its global location.

Esperancas location in Overwatch 2

Esperanca is based on a real-world country. Portugal is a Western European country that borders Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, according to Blizzard. The map appears to be a bright, colorful map that reflects the franchise's heritage while maintaining the futuristic feel that Overwatch is well-known for.

Esperanca will be available as soon as Overwatch 2's first season starts on October 4. Players will not need to unlock new maps through the battle pass, theyll be available to all players immediately each time they launch. The development team has announced that they will introduce a new map every other season, with new heroes filling the gaps between seasons starting in early 2023.

The first season of Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4.