In Destiny 2, how do you get the Seraphims Gauntlets emblem?

In Destiny 2, how do you get the Seraphims Gauntlets emblem? ...

Emblems from Destiny 2 can be both striking and striking, both in themselves and as a character. Some are created as a result of hard work. Such as the emblem in support of Ukraine.

Seraphims Gauntlet was created in honor of Seraphim Crypto, a community moderator (and later, a Bungie Mentor) who passed away in January. In the Sept. 15 This Week at Bungie (TWAB) blog post, player support and community moderator Drew Tucker wrote an obituary in his honor of Seraphim and introduced players to the Seraphims Gauntlets emblem.

Who was Seraphim Crypto?

Seraphim Crypto was a community moderator from Germany. Tucker explains the reason why Seraphim wanted to be a Mentor, which was discovered in an old private thread:

Im a person that loves to help others for a variety of reasons, the most simple one being that it keeps me happy the burial reads. Earlier this year I came back to forums and noted the #Help-Forum. People thanked me and it made me happy. So I started helping people everyday and that led me to an invitation to join this team! I want to give the community back the love they gave me!

Tucker wrote a blog post about Seraphims' favorite Destiny classes: the Exo Void of Dawn Titan, his favorite armor was Scourge of the Past/Black Armory, he loved using Bows, his favorite number was 37, his favorite color was purple, and he always fought for human rights.

As a tribute to him, the Seraphims Gauntlets emblem consists of several elements. Tucker mentioned his love of Destiny, Titan gauntlets, and the number 37.

In Destiny 2, how do I get the Seraphims Gauntlets emblem?

The Seraphims Gauntlets emblem may be obtained from Bungies official Code Redemption page by using its unique emblem code: XVX-DKJ-CVM. The emblem was officially launched following the TWAB blog post on September 15th.