Forget Jedi Survivor, a classic Star Wars game is now available

Forget Jedi Survivor, a classic Star Wars game is now available ...

If you're incredibly excited about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date and want to get back into a faraway galaxy again, I've got a great opportunity for you. As a fan, you may even go back to Star Wars Jedi Knight – Dark Forces 2 while we wait for Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

This free game is a fan remake of Dark Forces 2 in Unreal Engine by Ruppertle, which includes two levels, a sandbox mode, a 3D model viewer, and a bonus level for testing out random things. Like all of the recent Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay, this is sure to keep you interested.

“It's your first Unreal Engine project,” Ruppertle says. “I wanted to recreate one of my favourite games from childhood, while still maintaining the base look, feeling, and gameplay, and of course learning the engine itself.

„After almost three years of development, the project is finally at a point where I am ready to share it with you.“

While considering Star Wars Jedi Survivor, I gave this Dark Forces 2 remake a spin, and I must admit that it is pretty decent. Maybe my PC was to blame for the frame rate being a bit too slow, but it was really intuitive and enjoyable to control, with the guns retaining that distinctive Star Wars feel.

The project's Discord states that there aren't any "firm plans" to transform this project into a full Dark Forces 2 remake. Ruppertle apparently took Ruppertle three years to recover, so a break seems quite appropriate.

While you wait for Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can find many download links for the free PC game on the Discord server for the Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 remake.

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